Hurricane Ida Relief - Johns Hopkins Track & Field Fundraiser

Hurricane Ida Relief - Johns Hopkins Track & Field Fundraiser

As you probably know, Hurricane Ida recently devastated Louisiana. It was the most damaging hurricane to strike the state since Katrina. Ida's path of destruction left heavy flooding, substantive infrastructure damage, over one million people without power, and 91 deaths (to date).

Many homes were destroyed. Roofs collapsed, furniture was ruined, and families were displaced. Losing a home is an emotionally traumatic and logistical nightmare. A lack of safe, reliable shelter leaves people extremely vulnerable.

The Track & Field team at Johns Hopkins is committed to being leaders in our community and using resources at our disposal in order to give back, so we are joining Habitat for Humanity to make a meaningful difference in Ida relief efforts. By rebuilding homes, Habitat for Humanity helps return strength and dignity to people through its commitment to the long-term recovery of disaster-stricken communities.

Please consider donating - every dollar counts. All funds go toward Habitat's Disaster Relief Fund. If you are unable to offer financial support, you can also help by sharing our page with your network.

Honour Roll


Sarah Watkins
Dec 20, 2023
California, US


May 23, 2022
Louisiana, US


Alice Kelly-Enright
Oct 16, 2021
Maryland, US


Elaine McElhennon
Oct 14, 2021
District of Columbia, US

“Great cause, Bluejays!”


Rita Grendze
Oct 8, 2021
Illinois, US


Kristen Teeter
Oct 8, 2021
Missouri, US


Oct 8, 2021
Illinois, US


Gavin McElhennon
Oct 8, 2021
District of Columbia, US


Xuemei Li
Oct 7, 2021
Massachusetts, US


Joseph Inscoe
Oct 5, 2021
Pennsylvania, US

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